Brow Tinting FAQ

FAQs - Eyebrow Tinting & Waxing

For more FAQs, see the Lash Extension FAQ Page.

Do I need an appointment to get my first eyebrow tinting?

Yes for tinting! We book by appointment only. Feel free to call us at (231)-335-5090 in order to book an appointment. No for eyebrow waxing if you are prepared to wait a few minutes if we're busy working other clients.

What is eyebrow tinting?

A semi-permanent color customized for you is applied to your brows bringing forth hairs that usually go unnoticed, along with placing a temporary stain on the skin that acts as a guide to follow with your favorite brow makeup to help you recreate the shape at home. Best when paired with a Brow Shaping. Lasts 4-6 weeks.

Will my eyebrows be black from getting them tinted?

Only if you want them to be! We have a wide array of tones for blondes, redheads, and brunettes.

Do you offer eyebrow threading services?


Do you offer hair removal sugaring / waxing of brows and other body parts?

Yes! We offer sugar waxing of eyebrows and sugar waxing or soft strip hot waxing of many other body parts for both MEN and WOMEN. This includes hair on the face, under the arms, legs, arms, chest, back, and genital areas. If the area to be waxed is quite large like the back, chest, arms, and legs, we generally do soft strip hot waxing.

I have been using a retin-a cream; Can I still make a brow appointment?

Yes! You just need to let your brow artist know any medications and skin care you are currently using. Your brow artist may decide that it would be best to use a method other than waxing. You can also stop using Retin-A closer to your brow appointment which may help reduce side effects from waxing.

Do you carry any products to help enhance the growth of my eyebrows?

Yes! RevitaBrow, a product we sell here at The Freckled Fawn, delivers a proprietary blend of scientifically advanced peptides, revitalizing extracts, and nutritive vitamins to help beautify and enhance the look of bold and defined brows.